Christine Rose

Hi, I’m Christine! I’m a food loving, dog petting, holistic wellness junkie. My favorite thing in all the land is connecting with others in truly meaningful and authentic ways. I know those terms get thrown around a lot lately but, trust me, I really mean it! Everything I do circles back to building community. Food is my love language and I’m constantly in awe of the the power it has to bring people together. Whether I’m hosting my own community gathering, or cooking privately for a client, I’ve always found that food has this inexplicable way of connecting us all. My goal is for every person I meet to feel like they have a seat at my table. All are welcome and all are cherished. I like to think that even my style of cooking takes a very inclusive approach. No matter what your dietary needs are, I always do my best to accommodate them. I am an absolute extrovert at heart and nothing brings me more joy than creating and holding space for people. I truly cannot wait for our paths to cross! And when they do, you can bet your sweet ass that there will be lots of belly laughs, delicious food, and a dash of magic in the air. I dare you to spend five minutes with me and not crack a smile! 

xoxo Christine