My Top 3 Tips for Sustaining Motivation During Whole30

Completing the Whole30 is a wonderful way to get back in touch with your body and understand the ways in which different foods may affect you. Eliminating the most commonly problematic food groups for 30 days allows your body a total reset.  Then, the most important part of the program begins. During the 10-day reintroduction process, you bring back in each eliminated food group and evaluate how your body reacts to it such that you can make informed decisions about if/how you want to incorporate that food back into your regular diet.  Sounds great right?! The hard part for many lies in sticking to the “elimination” portion of the program.  In light of that, we’ll be talking about ways to sustain motivation during your Whole30.  Don’t let a lapse of motivation rob you of the invaluable experience of learning more about your body and the foods that make you feel your best! 

Top 3 Tips

1. Write Down Your Goals (and revisit them). One of the most important elements of any Whole30 is to first identify what your specific goals are.  This will look different for everyone, but in the most basic sense you can often identify your goals by simply answering the question, “Why am I doing a Whole30?” For some it may be finding relief from certain physical symptoms (e.g., headaches, GERD, joint pain, etc.).  For others it may be more emotionally based (e.g., improve mood, increase energy, etc.). Whatever your goals look like, write them down.  Then, when you’re in the midst of the 30 days and feel like throwing in the towel, revisit them.  Is a slice of pizza worth throwing away this wonderful opportunity for you to learn more about yourself and crush your goals? Probs not!

2. Track Your Wins! Once you get past the sugar detox and sluggishness of week one, you will start to notice how great you’re feeling.  I can’t stress enough the importance of soaking that all in. Celebrate each small win, otherwise known as non-scale victories (NSV). Some examples of NSV are better sleep, more energy, clearer skin, or being able to navigate a social gathering while staying compliant. Basically, anything that you notice as a positive change or thing that occurred for you during your Whole30 that you feel good about is fair game! This is such a great way to sustain your motivation during the program. Focusing on these positive wins will keep you upbeat and proud of what you’re doing for yourself.

A fun way to keep track of your wins is with my NSV Bingo! Because who doesn’t love to play bingo, amiright?! You can either print this off and hang it on your fridge or save the image to your phone and play bingo in your Instagram stories! Be sure to tag me!


3. Treat Yourself!  Not gonna lie, you will have your rough days. You wake up late and don’t get to eat breakfast, your boss gives you a hard time at work, you get home and realize you forgot to defrost the chicken. UGH! And this is a prime example of when your motivation to stick with the program typically falls by the wayside. Rather than beating yourself up, I suggest taking the opposite approach.  Recognize that, yes, what you are doing is hard. But you’re doing it, you’re crushing your goals, and you deserve a darn big pat on the back for it! And this is why my final tip is to treat yourself.  This will look different for everyone, but the idea is the same.  Do something extra special as a thank you to you for taking such good care of yourself. Some good ideas are treating yourself to a nice meal out, having a spa day (at home or at an actual spa), buying that new cookbook or kitchen gadget you’ve been eyeballing, going to the movies, or really anything at all that sounds like a great treat to yourself. You’ve earned it! 

Click here to download my Treat Yourself Checklist! It’s just a fun little list of ideas of how you can treat yourself while on the Whole30. Again, feel free to print this off and hang it up or save it on your camera roll and share it to Instagram! Be sure to tag me!

Treat Yourself.jpg

I hope these tips are helpful, and happy Whole30ing! Let me know in the comments of your favorite ways to stay motivated during Whole30!

xoxo Christine

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