Top 10 Places to Eat in Kansas City While on the Whole30

Going out to eat while on the Whole30 can sometimes feel impossible. Will there be anything you can actually eat, while staying compliant? Will the server hate you forever when you ask 5,000 ingredient questions? Will your date move to another table out of sheer embarrassment when you place your order with countless, “hold the __” requests? No? Just me? Cool, cool, cool. Anyways! I think we all know the feeling of getting a little nervous when having to navigate the big, bad non-Whole30 compliant restaurant world.

It was this very experience that sparked my idea to compile a list of Whole30 friendly restaurants in Kansas City. I even took it one step further and decided to create a guide that would tell you exactly what menu items you could order including any and all necessary modifications to the original item to make it Whole30 compliant.

The concept is simple. You’re on Whole30. You’re sick of cooking. If you clean one more dirty dish you’re going to burn the kitchen down. Soooo…you decide eating out is a great choice. In this guide, you will be given a list of 10 restaurants in Kansas City that you can go to and be told exactly what you can order to stay Whole30 compliant. No asking your server those 5,000 ingredient questions. I’ve already done it for you! So you can kick back, relax, and enjoy a meal out on the town! Sound like a plan? I hope you enjoy, and happy dining!

Download here: Top 10 Places to Eat in Kansas City While on the Whole30

Here’s a sample page from the guide:

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 11.48.46 AM.png